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If you're here then I guess that you have read my About Me section so you basically know what I do for a living.

This is how it all started.


I used to work the classic 9-5 job. I was in charge of a team of developers in a venture backed start-up. Although well paid, it was the typical "trade time for money" type of job that wears you down over time.

I was forced to get up early every morning. Commute to the city center, and then stress to build someone else’s dream. Every day.

Not exactly my idea of fun.

I never really liked to trade time for money from the start but I grew to hate it after a while. I wanted out.

Around the time that my second child was born I had this immensely strong feeling of just wanting to break free of it all. I knew exactly where I wanted to be.

But I had no idea of how to actually GET there.

Now, this is a subject they don’t exactly teach in school so I had to figure this one out myself (or so I thought).

I’ve tested so many things that’s not even funny. Day trading stocks, Forex trading currencies, starting companies (without knowing that the heck I was really selling and to whom!) and all kinds of weird internet related things that had no longevity to it.

I made a bit of money here and lost a bit there but I never really got anything to stick.

The problem I was trying to solve was quite simple to define: I needed to replace my monthly, time based income with a passive one so that I could get out of the rate race.

I even managed to think it thru and state it in exact numbers and it was actually less than I thought.

I only needed a couple of thousand per month to have a time and location independent lifestyle.

The goal suddenly got tangible.

But if you’re like me then you don’t exactly have a ton of people around you that have done this themselves.

I don’t have single entrepreneur in my family and (at the time) didn’t really know anyone that was living an exciting, location independent life with lots of cash and options.

So I turned to Google.

… and this is where I stumbled across Affiliate Marketing. Game changer!

Now, this was a term that I wasn’t even familiar with. I knew a tiny little bit about SEO from the work I had done with the Start up I mentioned earlier, but that was about it.

This was like opening a door to another world and I started to learn as much as I could about landing pages, Adwords, writing good ads, keywords and all that stuff that make online lead generation tick.

With my identity mostly wired as a “technician”, this was almost a bit of an identity change for me. But a good one, I assure you. Making the leap from writing code to learning marketing could probably be one the smartest things I’ve ever done.

The particular type of online marketing that I had just encountered was Financial Lead Generation. This is an incredibly lucrative niche and I urge you to pay attention from this point forward because this one could change your life.

It certainly did for me.

The theory is simple and straightforward. You build a mini site to promote a financial product, say for example an insurance product. The site has only one goal and that is to collect the personal information from the visitor that lands on it.

For that information (or lead, as we like to call it) you get paid between $30 - $70. Now, that is not chickenshit!

The way you get lots of targeted and purchase-ready people to your mini site is by bidding on relevant keywords in Adwords or Bing.

You’ll literally be make money when you sleep!

It’s an awesome feeling to wake up in the morning, check your mail and then see that you have a long list of fresh leads sitting there.

Row after row in your inbox looking like this: Insurance Lead :: Success :: 30.00 (CPA)

Amazing feeling.

It took me a couple of months to learn the ropes, but then I started to earn money on a consistent basis. And after a while I was able to build things out by reinvesting profits (a solid hack to get things off the ground fast, btw!) and take things to a higher level.


I work from home or one of the local coffee shops these days. Sometimes from our summer house (picture below) or a hotel when we're on vacations abroad.

Getting to a position where I am 100% self employed has changed everything for me and it’s certainly one of the greatest feelings there is.

Having the option to plan my days is just incredible.

I can go to the gym in the morning if I want to (recommended, less people, more fun:) or just take it easy and read. Or just binge watch HBO.

I do work pretty much every weekday, though. Just fewer hours, on my own terms and with much less stress.

If there is one skill that I would recommend anyone to learn for the future, then that would be to learn how to generate leads and sell online.

Did you know that a couple of BILLION people are expected to come online world wide in the next couple of years? Do you think there will less or MORE opportunities on the Internet in the future?

I can tell you that MORE is the correct answer. Prepared to reap the benefits?

If not then I would be happy to point you in the right direction and help you along the way.

And no, I don’t have anything to sell.

But I’ve been were you are right and now I know that it can be freakishly hard to just make the first few hundred bucks online.

Just one tiny little word of warning here… This is not a get rich quick type of game and you won’t be able to just wing it. You’ll need focus and determination. You are gonna need a “whatever it takes” attitude.

But the results could also be life changing.

If this sounds like an fun and exciting endeavor, then go ahead and drop we a line.

- Fred

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