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Hi, my name is Fred... and I'm a Super Affiliate.

I run an automated, cash-pumping lead generation business from home.

I get a lot of questions in regards to what I do and how it works so here comes a short overview.


The whole affiliate marketing business is relativly straightforward if you do it right and follow a proven process.

The first thing that you want to do is to find a product or offer to promote that offers a high payout AND pays out per lead. $20/lead would the minimum for me personally.

Then you want to build your own mini site to promote your offer online (I like to think of this as my digital salesman).

You want to make sure that the mini site is conveying the benefits or your offer and collects the contact details from you interested visitors. The contact details is what you get paid for!

What is worth remembering here is that this digital sales saleman will work 24/7, 365 days a year to generate passive income for you.

Imagine having to knock on say, 100 doors per day delivering the same pitch over and over again... Not that exciting, right?

This is the process that you automate with your own site. You just need to make sure to send a ton of relevant traffic to it and that you have systems in place to measure and track the results.

What you're ultimately looking for are a number of keywords that converts in combination with your ads and landing page.

You basically want a straigh, congruent journey from thought to landing page.

Best part: when those leads starts rolling in, you don’t need to do the actual selling yourself! This is taken care of by the sales teams at the companies that buy our leads.

When I first was introduced to this concept I thought it was so brilliant that I started to put all my effort into getting this to work for myself right away.

My goas was (massively inspired by Four Hour Work Week here:) to get to the point where I could actually swap out my time-based income for a passive one.

It didn't happen overnight but was most DEFINITELY worth the effort.

Affiliate markeing is in large parts a numbers game and you just need those numbers and probabilites on your side and you need to test & experiment to get there.

It’s not too late in any way to build a massively successful career online these days. In fact, the possibilities just keep increasing every day!

So if haven't gotten there yet and you want to become self-employed and achieve what I have achieved… just drop me a quick e-mail and I’ll show you what to do.

- Fred

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